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Top Four Evergreen Pieces of Jewelry

Top Four Evergreen Pieces of Jewelry

A piece of jewelry can easily make the ultimate accessory to wrap up your look nicely. Whether you prefer capsule fashion or wish to keep up with the latest trends, you won’t go wrong if you incorporate a classic piece of jewelry in your outfit. 

According to jewelry industry statistics, women aged 45-54 spend the most on jewelry. If you’re looking for your next staple jewelry piece, check out some of the finest gunmetal jewelry in New Jersey that’ll go nicely with your nightwear.

To learn which jewelry pieces are worth investing in, keep reading!

Hoop Earrings

Big hoops or tiny round earrings will easily make a statement wherever you go without overdoing your outfit. Hoops are a go-to accessory, and you can find them in many finishes and materials - from gold to silver to alpaca silver. 

A pair of hoop earrings will always come in handy and wrap up any look. Whether you’re going for a classic, timeless ensemble or a trendy appearance, hoops will add a nice touch to your outfit without going over the top. 

Bangle Bracelets

Bracelets can also become your go-to accessory to complete your daytime or evening ensemble. Owning bangle bracelets means you’ll always have a piece of jewelry to complement your outfit regardless of the style.

You can use bangles as a single statement piece enveloping your arm, or you can stack them for an edgier look. Speaking of edgy looks, you can find some of the trendiest gunmetal jewelry in New Jersey by clicking on the link and rock your next outfit!

Chain Necklaces

Chain Necklaces

Just like staple gunmetal jewelry, a chain necklace will also add to your flair of style. Whether you prefer chunky or thin chain necklaces, you won’t go wrong if you choose either.

For example, you can always freshen up your timeless outfit with a thin chain necklace. Pay attention to how you style it to ensure you’re accessorizing in the right way. 

These pieces were mainly worn in the 90s but are now making a comeback, which means you can style them in several ways for several occasions. If you’re more into power-dressing and making a statement, go for thicker, chunkier chain necklaces in gold or silver and see your allure boost. 


Signet rings or thin, stackable rings will accessorize your outfit without overdoing it. If you aren’t big on earrings or necklaces, rings should be your go-to option as the perfect accessory.

Gold, silver, filigree, or any kind of ring you can think of, will spice up your outfit with the just right dose of oomph! A nice signet ring, much like gunmetal jewelry, can add a certain level of class to your ensemble, whether you want to impress your co-workers or dazzle your friends. 

Jagged Halo: The Most Stunning Gunmetal Jewelry in New Jersey

Whether you’re looking to tone down your look with a piece of jaw-dropping bangle bracelet or spice it up with a two-tone choker, Jagged Halo has the right jewelry for you.

Shop our newest styles and choose a piece of stunning jewelry as if it was made especially for your silhouette. 

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