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How to Keep Layered Necklaces from Tangling

How to Keep Layered Necklaces from Tangling

Layering clothes and accessories are a fun and easy way to add more details to your outfit and make it stand out. Many prefer to buy edgy necklaces and layer them to showcase multiple accessorized pieces.

However, necklaces are known to tangle, especially when combined. Luckily, we compiled a list of top tips you can follow to prevent them from tangling.

Different Necklace Lengths

Different chain lengths are necessary to ensure none of the necklaces tangles. The closer the accessories are in length, the higher the chance they will tangle. So, ensure they are at least 2 inches shorter or longer than others you wear. Also, try pairing different types of necklaces together, such as a choker with a long-chain pendant.

Necklace Spacing

If you don’t have necklaces with different chain lengths, you can also try using necklace spacers with a joined clasp. These necklace spacers come with however many clasps you need in different colors and materials.

If you don’t want to splurge on a necklace spacer, you can always try a tried-and-true method many stylists swear by — clasping your necklaces onto one clasp.

With necklaces that already have that layered look, you’ll notice that the chains are already linked to one clasp, preventing them from getting tangled. Not into the hassle of necklace spacers? You can always look for styles that already have a layered look.

Mixing Necklaces

Necklaces come in different materials and sizes. Taking advantage of these qualities can assure that they won’t get tangled. Mixing materials could mean layering a gold necklace with a fabric choker or a chunkier necklace made of wood or rope. Mixing necklaces with different weights can also achieve the same effect. Layering a delicate chain with a pendant and a chunkier chain can offer the security of your necklaces and prevent tangles along the way.

Basic Layering Rules

Just like with clothes, accessories also have some basic layering rules. This means the necklaces should be layered in the correct order to prevent them from tangling.

A great rule is to put on the daintiest chains first and continue layering from thinnest to thickest. This way, daintier chains won’t get caught up in the thicker ones.

Use of Quality Materials

Another important aspect is to purchase jewelry made of quality materials. Accessories made with better materials are easier to work with and usually have high-quality clasps for attaching multiple chains.

The quality of the material contributes not only to the necklaces’ appeal — it gives them a sophisticated look — but also to the durability and strength of the jewelry. Highly lustrous metals are also used to make jewelry resistant to corrosion, which, believe it or not, can be a problem for low-quality necklace materials.

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