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Something Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue: Best Wedding Ideas

Something Old, New, Borrowed, & Blue: Best Wedding Ideas

The tradition of wearing something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue began with an old English rhyme dating back to the 19th century.

Even if you're not British or a believer in good fortune, these four items are a delightful way to honor family and friends. Plus, a little luck never hurt anyone.

Perfect as a last-minute present from the bride's parents, grandparents, or bridesmaids, collecting these lucky items can still be a challenge. Read on as we share some of the best something old something new something borrowed something blue ideas.

Something Old Ideas

This nostalgic item may be a family heirloom, or it may be a something old wedding gift with a story behind it. Take the following ideas into consideration before making an official pick:

  • Old jewelry. Including a piece of vintage jewelry is a beautiful gesture that will give you a unique keepsake after the big day.
  • Vintage handkerchiefs: Wrap your bouquet in something that once belonged to a loved one, such as a grandmother or parent.
  • A vintage family car: A stretch, sure, but if you want to deliver in style, this is how you do it.

Something New for Bride

As the bride begins her new life as a wife, this charm will symbolize her desire for a bright future.
To shine a light on her happy days to come, here are some ideas to keep an eye on:

  • Shoes make the perfect "something new" gift for a bride. You can’t go wrong with shoes.
  • Make-up. Your wedding day will undoubtedly be a landmark event. And makeup helps a bride look her best for her special occasion.
  • Hair accessory. From hairpins to tiaras, bands, and twines, hair accessories make a fabulous "something new for the bride."

Something Borrowed

A something borrowed wedding gift is a wonderful way to celebrate your married life. The perfect gifts for the occasion can include:

  • Family jewelry. Put on some of your mom's old jewelry, earrings, necklace, or bracelet.
  • Clutch or belt: Leather is class and elegance. For your “borrowed” assignment, rent a luxury purse or choose one of the many luxury women's leather belts and give it a purpose.
  • First dance song. Choose the music to which your parents first danced and play it at your wedding as a special surprise and invite that ‘borrowed’ vibe to the occasion.

Something Blue

To chase the blues away, another blue is due. Here are some stunning suggestions:

  • Sapphire jewelry. Put on a sapphire necklace, ring, or bracelet as your "something blue" on your wedding day. It sends a warning message.
  • Bouquet Do your flower arrangement with just a few hints of blue. Or, go with natural palette flowers tied with a gentle blue ribbon.
  • Blue garter. Bridal garter made of light blue tulle is as pretty as they come - if garters are your thing.

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