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Fable Necklace


Across cultures, the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the phrase "this too shall pass" emanates from a Persian proverb, echoing the transient essence of the human experience. It serves as a poignant reminder that both joyous moments and hardships are fleeting.

In the pivotal year of 2018, I found myself ensnared in a situation I knew deep down I should have extricated myself from long before. However, lacking the fortitude to break free, it was my husband who bestowed upon me the courage to declare "enough is enough," empowering me to take that crucial step towards liberation. To immortalize this watershed moment, I sought a tangible symbol to anchor me in the journey ahead, one that would imbue me with the resilience to weather life's storms and the unwavering belief that brighter days await. Thus, the conception of the Fable Pendant—a beacon of courage and faith, a talisman to remind me that adversity is ephemeral and that perseverance shall prevail.


Hand engraved piece. 
Gold filled. 
Stainless steel push clasp.
Swarovski Crystal.  
The dog tag is 1.5” top to bottom. Chain is 21" long. Can be worn as a bracelet, anklet or doubled as a choker.

Jewelry Care

Gold filled pieces should not be worn in the ocean, pool, or shower. Put on the necklace after applying perfumes, lotions and potions. 

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