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The Jagged Story

Brunette wearing jewelry and black tank top

How Jagged Halo Came To Be...  

Jagged Halo Jewelry is the brain child of designer Haleh. With a passion that began in childhood, she is now realizing her dream of designing her own line of bold, edgy, yet easy to wear jewelry.  We pride ourselves on making quality pieces at affordable prices, utilizing materials that are as durable as they are alluring. 

The name of the brand captures its essence, symbolizing the duality that shapes both the designer and her creations. The fierce visuals of gunmetal gray and spikes speak to her darker side; the soft edges and delicate metals point to her sensitive nature.

”I began this line because I rarely came across high quality and long lasting jewelry that was also edgy, bold and most importantly a big bang for my buck. Most of my pieces are multifunctional. Necklaces can be wrapped as bracelets and some are long enough to be worn as belts. All my designs are crafted with bases of stainless steel or nickel & lead free brass that are either gold filled, or layered heavily in gold plating to ensure they are both visually striking and hypoallergenic. My brand embodies inclusivity, diversity and badass-ness. 

My inspirations are the legendary Coco Chanel and Alexander McQueen. My influences range far and wide, from the likes of Nina Simone to Madonna and Dua Lipa.”- Haleh.  

“Be bold yet gentle. Be strong yet delicate. Be dark but brilliant. Be A Jagged Halo.“

®️Jagged Halo

Brunette female wearing a white fur coat and the grand serpent necklace in yellow gold plated brass


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